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FELIX Solid Cologne

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Addictive and manly for the modern gentleman, Felix also endears its scent to the strong and independent woman. Felix's scent is intricate, a mixture of fruity, floral and woody aromas of grapefruit, bergamot with mint melted into cardamom, cinnamon and clove, and fragrances of violet, lily and rose, with a finishing hint of cedar wood, sandalwood and sweet vanilla. Learn More

XAVIER Solid Cologne

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A latest addition with immediate popularity, Xavier is a refreshing and strong scent, perfect for those looking for a sweet yet seductive scent. Xavier consists of lemon with hints of lavender and patchouli which enhance the night floral backdrop of its aromas, with base notes of vetiver and incense. Learn More

QUENTIN Solid Cologne

An all-time favourite, Quentin is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance which uplifts and energizes. It is a scent consisting of bergamot, lemon, olive flower, heartwood and cedar resting on a base combination of musk, amber, tonka beans and vanilla. Learn More

KAHN Solid Cologne

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Perfect for the modern contemporary man, Kahn is the classic and fresh masculine scent, reminiscent of a luxurious soap blended with citrus peppermint, lily, jasmine and violet on a base of musky woods. Learn More

Bundle of 3 Solid Colognes UK

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Buy any 3 of our solid colognes and save $5. Plus Free Shipping ! Learn More

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