Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

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Imperial Barber Classic Pomade has won accolades for its unique formula, which has been shown to outperform the hold abilities of all other professional water-based pomades on the market.



What it is

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade is the signature formula in the Imperial Barber collection and has won multiple awards for its unique formulation. The pomade provides a high degree of hold, yet it is water based, ensuring that it rinses clean after every use. The formula offers high control and provides a medium shine with a wet look finish.

Who is it for

Men of all hair types can utilize Imperial Barber Classic Pomade for styles that require high hold. Guys with curly and wavy hair will love how the pomade fights frizz and makes the tresses more manageable. The formula is also a good choice for creating slicked-back retro looks, side-part sleek looks and pompadours. It can used on short, medium short, medium and medium long tresses with great results.


With Imperial Barber Classic Pomade, it's possible to adjust the results that you get from the formula by altering how you use it. To get the strongest possible hold, use the pomade on completely dry hair. For a more pliable hold, you can use it on slightly damp hair. The water based formulation makes it possible to reactivate the pomade by adding a few drops of water to your hair. This softens the pomade, so that you can comb, brush or finger style. Unlike many other pomades, the formula is easy to remove from the jar, and it applies very evenly without creating clumps.

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Additional Information

Hair Length medium or longer, medium short, short
Holding Power extremely strong
Styling Power high
Shine medium shine
Texture wet look
Volume 170g/6 Oz
Brand Imperial Barber