Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade

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Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade is a versatile pomade that can be used as a styling clay to absorb oils and refresh a hairstyle to skip shampooing. The water-based formula can also be used as a traditional pomade to add texture, improve manageability and provide a strong hold for styles.



What it is

Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade is Imperial Barber's take on the traditional fiber grease, a finishing product that's used to add texture to hair that has already been dried. Unlike a conventional fiber grease, the pomade is water based, so it rinses completely clean and does not give the hair a greasy finish. The product provides a moderately high hold factor, keeping hair pliable, yet it greatly enhances manageability with its high styling power. The formula has a noticeable sheen but does not provide glossy or wet appearance.

Who is it for

Men with all hair types can use Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade, but the formula is most ideal for short, medium short, medium and medium long hair. Because the hold is lighter than some other pomades in the Imperial Barber collection, it is intended more for loose, messy styles with plenty of texture. Guys who wear motorcycle helmets, bike helmets or protective headgear for work will love the pomade, as it can be used to reshape hair that has been smashed and compressed.


The secret to the unique texturizing properties of the Imperial Barber Fiber Pomade are long fibers that are included in the formula. The fibers cling to the hair and separate the strands while also making the tresses appear thicker. A little bit of this professional quality styling aid goes a long way, so a 170-gram jar will provide most men months of use.

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Additional Information

Hair Length medium or longer, medium short, short
Holding Power strong
Styling Power high
Shine low shine
Texture wet look
Volume 170g/6 Oz
Brand Imperial Barber